Cataraqui Conservation Foundation

Dedicated to supporting the Conservation Authority in Protecting our Natural Environment



The Cataraqui Conservation Foundation (CCF) is a registered charity established in 1965 to raise funds to support the activities of the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority (CRCA).

This includes supporting the administration and maintenance of widely used conservation areas such as: Lemoine Point, Parrot’s Bay and Little Cataraqui Creek Conservation Area’s among others. Funds also support education and wildlife programs for children and youth, as well as assisting in the purchase of properties which contribute towards the preservation of the region’s watersheds.



The CCF has a three year strategic plan to support the renewal of the Foundation, improved relationships with partner organizations, and of course the betterment of our shared environment.

– Enhancing Board Membership

We are working hard to recruit talented, enthusiastic Board Members, to help lead CCF Initiatives. Interested in applying? Go to the Volunteer Page and write us.

– Raising Awareness

Building strong ties to the communities we support is important. That’s why we are working hard to raise awareness of the CCF and how it supports the Conservation Authority.

– Targeted Fundraising

Fundraising is our top priority! We have lots of conservation initiatives we’d love to support. To do that we are developing new ways of reaching people that are fun and engaging.

– Working with our Regional Partners

There are lots of non-profits and charities out there who care about our shared environment. We want to get to know those in our region to see how we can better support each other.


“Look Deep Into Nature And Then You Will Understand Everything Better”

Albert Einstein



As the fund raising arm for the Cataraqui Regional Conservation Authority (CRCA), the Cataraqui Conservation Foundation (CCF) has helped to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for the management of the Conservation Authority’s natural resources, the purchase of new conservation lands and educational programming for children. Not only does the CCF raise funds through various activities such as our Forever Green Gala, but it also strives to raise awareness about the Conservation Authority and the importance of conservation of both public and private lands as well.

To learn more about the CRCA and what Conservation Authority’s do, click here to go to the CRCA website.


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